Telefon 9 malam, katanya dari Celcom tapi slanga Indonesia. Jangan Layan.

Sekadar berkongsi dan berharap rakan-rakan dilluar berhati-hati dengan panggilan tidak dikenali. Ini mungkin SCAM.

Lebih baik lagi buat seperti rakan saya yang tidak mengangkan panggilan daripada nombor yang tidak dikenali. Dalam masa yang sama, mencari dalam Internet nombor pemanggil tersebut yang mungkin sahaja telah dikongsi oleh orang lain yang telah menerima panggilan yang sama.

Tetapi yang paling penting, jangan beri sebarang maklumat peribadi yang sensitif.

Berbalik kepada panggilan yang saya terima, datangnya daripada nombor +303.

Perkenalkan dirinya sebagai pegawai Celcom dan ingin memberi pakej yang lebih baik untuk nombor talian Maxis saya.

Tetapi yang peliknya, panggilan dilakukan jam 9 malam dan pemanggil bercakap dalam slanga Indonesia.

Malas layan. Saya putuskan talian apabila dia cuba mengorek maklumat peribadi saya.

Cara seperti biasa, tak ada liputan. Kononnya.

Nah. Kemudian pagi ini saya baca berita dibawah.

Mungkin tidak sama, tapi sebagai peringatan untuk semua agar berhati-hati dan gunakan akal kita yang waras apabila menerima panggilan yang pelik.

Sumber: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/6/5/focus/11415878&sec=focus

Just too good to be true

ON Sunday night, right after dinner, I was watching pay-TV with my children who were back home for the school holidays when I received a call on my mobile phone with the incoming phone number displayed on my screen as "unknown number".

I took the call and a man speaking in Malay introduced himself as "executive director of Celcom" and went on to say that I was one of the few Celcom subscribers to have won a lucky prize.

The man's voice was a little shaken and I believe he was trying hard to sound like a pure Malay when in fact I could easily detect from his accent that he was Indonesian.

I allowed him to talk for about one minute before I shouted and screamed at him on the phone, calling him a liar and a criminal!

I had never participated in any 4D games or bought a lottery in my entire life, hence it is illogical for me to win millions of dollars out of nowhere!

Therefore, scammers out there who happen to pick me as their victim will be very disappointed as they have to incur the cost of the phone call or text charge for contacting me.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are so gullible when they are faced with such incidents.

Some lose their hard-earned savings to a get-rich-quick scam while others fall head over heels for the man's sweet words and lose their entire retirement fund overnight!

I believe the average Malaysian is a literate person, has a minimum SPM-level basic education and should be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

Nevertheless, when it comes to money, lots and lots of it especially, many of us become very vulnerable and fall victim easily because of our materialism-based living style.

Some do not bother to stop for a minute to consider if it could all be a con.

A reminder to all, if the offer sounds too good to be true (e.g. investment that offers 30% return per month, man with Indonesian-slang saying you have won a Petronas/Celcom lucky draw, a rich European man with no heirs wants to give away his wealth, etc) it is very likely to be a scam!

What should make us be more alert is when the calling party starts asking for our bank account number or asking us to bank in some money to claim our free gift!

Ask ourselves this question - if it is meant to be free, why should we pay to get it in the first place? If we have to pay, it is not free then. A small child can tell you that a free gift comes without us having to pay.

We sometimes need to knock our heads to get back to reality. Life is real hard work but, remember, criminals work harder!


Kuala Lumpur.



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