MPKj president says waste collection sabotage in Kajang is politically-motivated

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No cooperation: The number of complaints on uncollected rubbish has increased in Kajang.

MPKj president says waste collection sabotage in Kajang is politically-motivated

THE Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) has lodged a police report against those responsible for the acts of sabotage on waste collection recently.

Council president Datuk Hassan Nawawi Abdul Rahman held a press conference recently to address the issue.

Hassan said as a form of sabotage against the council, some unhappy contractors have threatened not to pay their subcontractors if they continue to collect rubbish.

They also resorted to throwing rocks at those who still carried out waste collection.

He added that in one incident, nails were placed along the road in Kampung Sungai Lalang, that leads to the Refuse Derived Fuel technology plant in Semenyih.

The nails punctured the tyres of several lorries transporting waste.

He confirmed that the acts of sabotage were done with a political motive.

"There are 110 contractors for waste collection in the municipality, 40% are found to be involved in acts of sabotage. Nineteen contractors have since had their contracts terminated.

"Among the areas affected are Semenyih Sentral, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras Perdana, Bukit Mewah and parts of Bandar Baru Bangi.

"The number of complaints we receive from the public about rubbish woes rise from an average of 50 to 60 per week to an overwhelming 600 per week since the sabotage," he said.

Hassan said the council had appointed seven new contractors to manage waste collection in the affected areas.

"The council will also provide back-up teams.

"Previously, some of the main contractors got contracts have political ties or background. If they have good reputation, they can apply to have their contracts extended. However, some of them have horrible reputations and several Notice to Correct (NTC) were issued," he added.

The acts of sabotage were believed to be caused by the termination of waste collection contracts since Alam Flora's services were taken over by the councils since August last year.

In Kajang, existing contractors were asked to continue until new ones were hired.

Existing contractors can also tender for extensions.

By March 1, new contractors for waste collection will begin their duties.

MPKj Town and Health Services Department director Arshad Haji Salleh said some existing contractors were not pleased with the tender system as it was not a guaranteed way to obtain contracts.

Under the new contract, those who receive three NTCs in a month will have their contracts terminated.


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