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Act 318 Explained: Transitioning From Joint Management Body (JMB) To Management Corporation (MC)

Previously, we started talking about the responsibilities of the Management Corporation (MC) during its initial period. If you recall, this period falls before the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) is convened. More importantly, this period also falls before the Joint Management Body (JMB) is dissolved (which only occurs 3 months after the first AGM).

What does this mean exactly?
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Act 318 Explained: Forming A Management Corporation (MC)

We now know that a Management Corporation (MC) is recognized by the law when the book of strata register is opened. However, we also know that the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) still needs to be called in order to complete several tasks that will make the MC's operations official and run smoother.
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Act 318 Explained: How To Conduct An Annual General Meeting (AGM) In A Management Corporation (MC)

Last week, we took a look at the specific tasks a Management Corporation (MC) has to complete during the first Annual General Meeting (AGM). What we've covered applies only to the first AGM. This week, let's take a look at the regulations that apply to all AGMs in general, including the first.
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Highrise or Facebook: Which Application Should You Use?

A question that we get quite often here at Highrise from residents is: what's the difference between Highrise and Facebook? Both applications can do the same thing, right? So, which one should residents be using? Well, in reality, both Highrise and Facebook are two very different applications. That's because both were designed with different goals in mind.
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