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How To Open A Building Maintenance Fund (BMF) Account

This week, we're going to take a little detour from our series of Act 663 articles and share with you the procedures of opening a Building Maintenance Fund (BMF) account.
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Best Practices Every Joint Management Committee (JMC) Treasurer Should Practice

We've spent the last few weeks covering the Building Maintenance Fund (BMF) as well as some of the issues faced. Clearly, knowing how to manage the Joint Management Body's (JMB) funds properly is essential. However, the Joint Management Committee (JMC) members – who are responsible for the management – are elected on a voluntary basis and may or may not have prior experience in managing such tasks.

On the National House Buyers Association's (HBA) forum board, we've come across a posting by a treasurer for a JMB and a Management Corporation (MC). This particular treasurer ("Treasurer") is not an accountant by trade, but he has shared some very good practices which we would like to pass on to our readers.
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What Every JMB and MC Should Know About Elevator Maintenance And Safety

I'm one of those who love living on the higher floors. The view, the lack of mosquitoes, and the knowledge that only Spiderman can scale up the walls to my window at that height, are all positive reasons as far as I'm concerned. Of course, if the elevator broke down, it would be a whole different story. Or worse, what if the elevator breaks down while I'm inside it! I'm sure we have all seen elevators plunging to its dark depths in many Hollywood movies.

But how many have given much thought to these machines? You probably ride them every day, not just at your high-rise building but probably at work too. Elevators are considered common property and servicing and maintaining elevators are part of a Joint Management Body's (JMB) and Management Corporation's (MC) responsibilities.
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Highrise Demonstration In Hi Def

We've been getting lots of requests for a demonstration of our Highrise platform (especially of late). And since it's the season of giving with Christmas just around the corner, we decided to give you what you have asked for.
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DOSH: 21 Competent Companies To Service Your Elevators

Last week, we talked about a few of the key points that all Joint Management Bodies (JMB) and Management Corporations (MC) should be aware of regarding maintaining the condition of elevators in condominiums. According to the law, elevators should be serviced at least once every 3 months, and by companies that are competent.
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